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What You Need to Know about Being Catfished

Forming friendships with people you do not know on social media platforms is never a good thing especially because there are chances that you have already been cat fished before. One of the things you will realize is that social media platforms can be used to connect with people even if they are very far away. One of the areas that has been able to grow quite a lot is online dating especially because of how social media platforms usually bridge the distance. The problem is that you can never be able to know if the person or the lover that you are engaging on the social media platforms is 100% genuine. If somebody is just interested in your status or in your money, you’re definitely not going to like that. You would like to be able to avoid this kind of situation in any way possible because that is critical. There are some signs that you’re able to look at so that you can know if the person is catfishing you.

There are always some things that are going to identify if the person is joking with you and this article will give you a number of them. One of the biggest signs you’re being catfished is that they are never going to reveal the face to you, they are simply hiding the identity. The truth is that genuine people usually have a lot of pictures that you can be able to locate and, you can actually even see part of their lives. The kind of person who is not going to share their face with you is not a good one, this is the kind of person that you should not be interacting with in any way. These types of people also want you to progress with the relationship very fast and this is not necessarily healthy. Healthy relationships usually take some time and they are never too quick because you are very interested in knowing the person first.

These people usually not look very real when you look at the professional photos, they look very hot. A genuine person is never going to be interested in impressing you by looking very hot on the platforms. If you meet a kind of person who is always interested in you sending the money, you can definitely be sure that is a very big sign that the person is catfishing you.

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