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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Understand the Difference Between Domain and Hosting
Creating a website involves the use of several terminologies that one must understand before resuming the project. Some of the most significant terminologies to understand when creating a website include domain and web hosting. This useful guide should be of great use before anyone starts creating their website as it outlines some of the major differences between hosting and one’s domain which plays a crucial role in the success of the entire process and project as seen below.

For anyone that may be asking themselves what hosting is, they should first note that web hosting refers to the place where all their files within the website are held. One of the basic reasons why everyone needs a great web hosting company through the web design and development process is to ensure that they have a professional to make sure that the domain keeps working effectively all the way to the last step. The best way to think of it is that the domain is the address while hosting is the real home where the address is attached which explains why every single online website must use to be alive and function normally. There is a translation that takes place from the moment one types in the address all the way to when it is sent to the web hosting company that holds every file and then it is sent back to the website user for viewing. The web hosting company exists to basically store and service the countless types of websites in the picture as and one, on the other hand, can always find a wide range of plans and storage levels at variable rates. Hosting companies use servers to store as well as to access all the website’s files and one pays a set cost in return for using their server which also varies from monthly payments to annual ones and more. The great news is that the market offers countless offers and discounts that one can use in the market today.

A domain, on the other hand, is basically the business name or home base or simply what people type in their browser’s URL to get to the website. With the .com being that domain, the internet on the other hand is a huge connection of computers each of them with an IP address. Since the internet comprises of numerous comprises, there is a need to have easy identification for each one of them which brings the need for IP addresses.