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Strategies you can Employ For Monitoring Internet activities Among the Youth.

Young people all over the world are fascinated by internet services and this has seen them spend a lot of time behind their screens on social media and playing video games. Cases of insomnia, depression, anxiety, poor grades in school are some of the mental, physical and emotional disorders associated with internet addiction. Below are some guidelines on how you can monitor your children’s internet usage activities in order to avoid addiction.
A good strategy you can employ in your house is making intent and the access to mobile phones a privilege. Most kids can easily access the internet without keeping in mind and knowing the negative impacts it has and the amount of time they waste on these devices. Take appropriate measures and make your kids understand that access to mobile phones is not guaranteed. Taking this measure subtly keeps your child in control and he or she avoids the addictive gratification the internet offers. This measure will also see your children spend more of their time on constructive tasks.
Another way you can monitor the internet activities in your home is leading by example. Kids learn by example and it would be hard to get them off their mobile phones while you are on yours. Limiting your mobile phone use for researching quick questions and using print texts instead is a good way of leading your kids and you should never use your mobile phone while driving.
Another strategy you can easily employ and implement in your house with regard to the use of the internet and mobile phones are setting rules. Revise the rules with all your family members and make sure that they understand the repercussions of failing to comply with the set rules on internet use and screen time. You should also set boundaries for internet such as switching off the Wi-Fi router when it’s time to sleep. Blocking an adult content site is also a good strategy you can employ in protecting your kids from adult content exposure.
Encouraging your kids to spend time on outdoor activities is also a good strategy you can employ. Activities such as walks, a bicycle ride or playing in the park are some of the best ways your kids can spend time outside away from their mobile phones. Another way you can keep everyone away from their mobile phones is making mealtimes sacred. During the meal times, you request everyone to place their phones on silent mode and place them on a basket which is later kept away until the meal is over. This gives everyone plenty of interactive time and offers in-depth personal conversations.