Understanding the Best Servers for Small Businesses in 2019

It is important always to be prepared for anything if you are running a small business regardless of the business you are in. Capturing the information of your growing company is part of being prepared by having the best servers. You could lose valuable information if you use cloud servers because your business is growing rapidly. The fully managed dedicated servers are some of the kinds of servers available in the market.

The server Asus TS500 is a good option or workstation purposes. The versatility of this server and the fact that it does not run short of power makes it a good choice. Using Asus TS500 is a good option for small businesses. The Asus TS500 is a server with specifications such as 8 DDR4 DIMMs that can hold up to 500GB and has six expansion slots, managed dedicated servers.
You will be impressed if you are a Lenovo ThinkServer fan, this Lenovo ThinkServer TS460 is a good choice for you. Unlike other server models, this model has quite impressive features not to mention it is very affordable. If this server is installed with the right hard drives it is able to hold 40TB storage and also accommodate four HDDs each of 3.5-inch.
For a growing business, this Scan 3XS SER-T25 server is the best though costly but with the best features. This Scan 3XS SER-T25 server is not noisy; it is compact with a 64GB powerful RAM and a storage space of 1TB HDD. Its dimensions are very small meaning it occupies very small spaces, managed dedicated servers.
The Fujitsu Primergy TX1310 M1 is a dependable server comparing to none. The features of the Fujitsu Primergy TX1310 M1 are the best in the market, and they include optical drive and 2gigabit Ethernet redundancy port. It is a server that has four storage bays and four DIMM slot to hold 32TB memory and 32 GB more storage, managed dedicated servers.
The Dell PowerEdge T20 (Barebones) is a good option for a small business due to its accommodating features. You can access the internals of a Dell PowerEdge T20; further, it has no drives or an operating system, managed dedicated servers. Dell PowerEdge T30 is a server configured to allow a ton of expansion in a mini-tower-like framework. Synology 4 Bay NAS Diskstation DS918 + (Diskless) is also a server that is aesthetically pleasing with its captivating design. It has 4 GB DDR3L 1866 RAM that expands to 8B and has a quad-core processor convenient for small businesses. When buying a server for a growing business, factors like functional storage space, shape and size matters and spare parts availability not forgetting the storage capacity and its suitability to your business.