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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Thyroid gland has a unique butterfly like shape. Hormonal level are also controlled by the thyroid gland. Many people fail to recognize thyroid problem until the conditions are advanced. Thyroid problems occur when there are too many or too little hormones being produced to the cells. Hypothyroidism which is a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive. Enlarged thyroid known as goitre mainly causes over activity of the thyroid gland. Here are signs of thyroid disease.

One may experience temperature changes. When experiencing fatigue an individual feels overly tired even with enough hours of sleep. Failure of the thyroid gland from producing enough hormones makes the muscles sluggish and tired. Muscles require hormone to generate energy to propel activities by an individual. Low metabolism in an individual lead to sluggish movement and low productivity at home and in the work place. Mood disorder when experiencing thyroid problems caused by the serotonin hormone in the brain.

Secondly, your skin appears dry. In cases where the thyroid in underactive there is low hormone distribution in the body including the skin which is the largest human organ. Little thyroid hormone leads to constipation as there is slowed metabolism. Metabolism regulates the amount of sweat one produces, thus dictating the amount of moisture in an individual’s skin too much sweating causes the skin to dry out. Diarrhoea from thyroid problems should be carefully examined to avoid misdiagnosis from other conditions which may lead to diarrhoea. Thyroid problems causing sweaty hands and feet may lead to smelling feet which may be very disturbing.

Thirdly, problems with the thyroid may lead to imbalance in the reproductive hormones. The female reproductive hormone are sensitive and their level change from time to time. Inactivity or over activity of the thyroid gland may lead to lowering or doubling up of the hormones. The hormones produced by the pituitary glands responsible for reproduction and fertility may fail to be produced in the right quantities thus on fails to ovulate. Seeking early treatment of the thyroid disease is key. Irregular periods may lead to difficulty in family planning.

Last but not least, one may experience weight loss. There are many reasons why one can lose weight hypothyroidism checklist is one. Slow metabolism lowers the amount of calories broken down to produce energy the starch is converted to fatty acids which are stored into the body causing one to drastically gain weight. Loss of appetite may lead to other deficiency like anaemia where one may suffer from low red blood cells count. Weight gain from thyroid disease may be predisposing factor to other weight related conditions.